A helpful guide for measuring those adult beverages...

October 31, 2014

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Many of you Wolfies will be heading out for some Halloween weekend fun. I know I will be taking the little humans out for the annual Candy-Quest..then heading out to meet up with friends later.  So, whether you are having fun out with the kids, or have plans to be out to a non-kid-related costume party with friends, I found this to be a helpful guide for your evening.

For those of you that go old-school and are a regular user of the Solo cup, THIS is how you can remember to measure..no matter what your poison is.

The line at the very bottom of the Solo cup: 1 oz  (liquor)

2nd line from the bottom of the Solo cup: 5oz  (glass of wine)

3rd line from the bottom.(or 4th line from the top) of the Solo cup: 12 oz (brewski)

Interesting, right?  This is a smart idea to keep in mind anytime if and when the Solo cup comes out to play..

I have to admit..when I saw this..my first thought was,  “Huh?  You’re suppose to MEASURE?”

Hey..you learn something new every day, right? 🙂

Be careful out there…hope you all have a Happy, Fun and SAFE Halloween 2014!