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Feb 17

Later thimble!!

Awww…sorry to see this one get voted out!  I used to fight over the thimble with my grandma when we played when I was little.

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Feb 16

This deserves reposting.. Somebody is raising this kid right :)

Even the female STAFF well as the female students.

So sweet and feel-good.. I felt like paying it forward. :)

Have a happy Thursday and enjoy the article below…



Feb 15

Oh man..this is the sorriest thing I’ve ever heard…

This is so silly..I’m just gonna leave this one alone!  I REALLY hope that these statistics are NOT correct..

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Feb 14

I know who my Valentine is!

This might be your Valentine of choice too!  Check out the article below about man’s best friend..being man’s best VALENTINE!

And here’s a pic of MY Valentine this year …lol.  My Jack Russell Terrier, Mollie! :)




Feb 13

How to do the BARE MINIMUM for Valentine’s Day and stay outta the dog house..

I have to admit…after reading this makes you wonder why anyone cares about Valentine’s Day in the first place.

If you have to force yourself to do THE BARE MINIMUM..then what’s the point?

Check out the article below..and get only have 24 hours to get the BARE minimum done!



Feb 10

Are you THRIFTY? FRUGAL? Then this is for you, sweetheart.

Valentine’s Day is usually a mandatory situation if you are in a relationship.  Soooo..what if funds are LOW this time of year?

Here’s an article you might want to could SAVE your broke self a lot of grief this Valentine’s Day…

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Feb 9

Jeeez…this is NOT good. Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day next week…

You know the term, “I would take a bullet for you..”?  Well..check out this recent survey. Turns out you may have to come up with some cash..or find a substitute, stunt-double spouse!

Check out the article below.. :)



Feb 8

Are you boring? This accessory will tell you if you are….

Sometimes people don’t know when to shut up!  Luckily..there’s this watch that will give you a heads-up if you are boring the pants off someone.

Helpful or no?   Check out the article below…




Feb 6

MY favorite part of The Big Game…

The COMMERCIALS!  Check out the article below and see all the commercials from yesterday’s game…my favorite might be Mr. Clean…or maybe the Honda yearbook commercial!  What do you think??

Check it out the link below!

Sexy Mr Clean Super Bowl Ad


Feb 3

Mega Ticket Mega Sound continues on!

Make sure you are listening NEXT WEEK TOO for Megasound to win the Megaticket!  7AM, NOON, 5PM and 7PM!

You KNOW you want this Megaticket!  Your summer can be amaaazing with The Wolf and The Megaticket!