Dec 1

It’ll be here before you know it…

THE WOLF’S ACOUSTIC CHRISTMAS!!  Have you gotten YOUR tickets yet!  Get online at and get YOUR tickets ASAP!  This is an amazing show every year and it’s even better this year! for tickets and details! -KIMMY


Nov 30


Be listening in this week with Kimmy K in the Middays and score yourself a FAMILY FOUR PACK TO LEGOLAND for the holidays!  So many fun things to check out at Legoland..and it’s every kid’s dream to see all the cool life-size Lego structures!  Win with Kimmy in the 1pm hour all this week on 1019 The Wolf!


Nov 29

This is the best news I’ve ever heard!

Ice cream for breakfast is GOOD for you!  Check out the article below! –KIMMYice_cream_png5097

Nov 28

Cyber Monday is awesome….but watch out for your boss!!



Be careful making Cyber Monday purchases at work…somebody boss-like could be watching!!

Check out the article below! –KIMMY

Nov 21

Thanksgiving week!! Wooooooo!!


Such a great week filled with family and friends and yummy food and for most, a nice short week at work!  Listen in this week for your chance to grab some Global Winter Wonderland tickets from me each afternoon in the 1pm hour!  This is a fun thing to do with the family over the holiday weekend!  Listen in several times a day for your chance to win!


Nov 17

There IS such a thing as “Sweater Weather”… aunts and Grandmother always mentioned “sweater weather”.

Now..thanks to the Weather Channel..we know exactly what temperature that is!  Check out the link below..and get your Mr. Rogers sweater’s FALL :)



Nov 16

A Study Finds Nice Guys Are More Attractive Than Rich Guys?

Who says nice guys finish last?? Check out this article about nice guys vs attractive guys…. –KIMMY


Nov 15

Get those Wolf Acoustic Christmas tickets NOW while they last!

You’ve heard by now about the return of the fantastic Wolf Acoustic Christmas, right?  Brett Young, Dylan Scott and Mickey Guyton, December 17th at Powerhouse Pub in Folsom. won’t last forever, you know!  Lock those tickets down NOW at!  You can get ALL the details on the show when you grab your tickets!  And be listening in for your chance to win them too!  -KIMMY


Nov 9

The Wolf’s Acoustic Christmas is coming!!!

Get online NOW at grab your tickets for The Wolf’s annual Acoustic Christmas!  This year..we’ve got BRETT YOUNG, Dylan Scott AND Mickey Guyton!  Its gonna be a great show you DON’T want to miss!  Go to OR of can always get tickets and all the info at!


Nov 8

Your chance to win Disneyland tickets continues…!


Santa’s GPS is broken!  Help him find his way back to The North Pole..and you can win a pair of Disneyland tix!!

Listen in ALL day for a chance to hear if Santa is on YOUR street!  Santa will text us and tells us where he’s at… we’ll let you know what street he’s on and if it’s YOUR street…you have 10 minutes and 19 seconds to call and tell us! ( You must prove it’s your street with ID/Driver’s License ONLY).

Disneyland is MAGICAL this time of year..and you can be there to enjoy it!

Listen all week for your chance to win! –KIMMY